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Auxiliary processing technology on common roll forming machines

Nowadays, the automation technology of the roll forming machine is quite high. Therefore, it is inevitable to integrate many auxiliary processes into the complete roll forming production line, which can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and reduce a lot of indirect Operating costs. In the past, complex molding processes had to go through a lot of processing techniques. In this way, the inventory would go back and forth, and the handling would be repeated many times, requiring a lot of manpower to complete, and a large space to satisfy the business. need. Therefore, large-scale roll forming profile manufacturing companies generally purchase molding machines that integrate multiple processes. Although the cost of equipment procurement has doubled, it can increase the utilization rate of the site, reduce the number of workers, and reduce labor. Strength can also greatly improve production efficiency and create more competitive advantages for enterprises.

Below, we introduce the common auxiliary processes on the roll forming machine:

1. Punching process. This is a process that is used on most profiles. Many profiles will be punched. The integration of the punching process on the roll forming machine is not complicated, so the punching process is very common.

2. Cutting or cutting process. On the roll forming machine, shearing is definitely a process, either cutting off after forming, or before forming, or during forming. And punching (notch) is also a process used on many molding machines.

3. Welding process. The welding process is generally used after forming, and a set of welding machine is installed in the cutting machine of the forming machine. There are laser welding, sub-argon arc welding and so on.

4. Embossing and embossing process. Embossing or embossing is necessary to emboss some decorative patterns on the formed profile, or to emboss the company‘s unique logo.

5. Marking process. This process is generally used after molding. Use auxiliary printing equipment to print on the profile, such as product model, production date, company name, etc., can all be completed by this process.

6. The above mentioned are the most common auxiliary processes. Other uncommon auxiliary processes include: expansion, flanging, slitting, punching louvers, bending, partial punching, beveling, slitting, buckle, and glueing. , Painting, foaming, etc.

In fact, as far as the current production technology of roll forming machines is concerned, most of the profiles can be produced in one set, and all auxiliary processes are integrated. As long as the company is strong and the customer is willing to invest, it can theoretically be made. The highly integrated roll forming production line comes.

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