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Component debugging of cold bending machine forming roller

The whole cold bending machine adopts a reasonable process design concept and has a highly stable overall machine structure. It is composed of a feeder → feed guide → roller assembly/forming assembly → rear scissors frame → PLC electronic control system → drag rack .

The most important part is the part of the forming roller. Cold bending mechanical forming is used on each roller of the roller assembly. The forming process of this equipment is mainly driven by a motor to drive a gear/sprocket to drive and drive. It conveys a stable and reasonable force for each roller, which is suitable for the progressive material. The rolls are pre-set with a good force, and gradually formed gradually by successively pressing and cold bending. The whole set of cam mechanisms drives the upper and lower roller groups to roll synchronously, and the plate material rolls are accurately rolled and deformed.

1. The roll shaft debugging of cold-bending mechanical equipment is to first align the front and rear ends of the equipment with the top of the bogie end shaft, and pull a horizontal line from the beginning to the end to ensure that the roller shafts of the whole machine are aligned. Straight line, check. Ensure that the lower shaft is in a straight line and the upper and lower shafts remain within the horizontal line without deviation.

2. When adjusting the distance between the upper and lower shafts of the roller shaft, the front and back of the middle wheel must be aligned and flat to ensure that there is no deviation before locking the nuts on both sides of the wallboard. Make sure to align the rollers in the first and last rows completely.

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