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Fixed cutting and fly cutting in roll forming machine.

In the roll forming process, die cutting is often used. According to the installation structure and working mode, the die can be divided into fixed die and flying die. The fixed die is fixed, and the flying die can slide in a section of the slide rail. It can move according to the way the profile moves to track the profile for punching. The flying die is generally used on more expensive equipment and has very high efficiency.

1. Fixed die.
In the auxiliary processing technology of punching and cutting the profile, the stamping mechanism adopted is similar. However, when designing a fixed die, the subsequent roll forming and other processing procedures must be considered. Other factors to consider are: the direction of the profile burr, the distance from the punching point to the forming line, how to cut and where the strip is locally cut, the connectivity of the profile, and the effect of warpage at the punching.
In most cases, the die used in the fixed operation is similar to the die used in the stamping workshop, except that the die mechanism used in the roll forming production line has a feed-stop-execute cycle. These institutions are very common structures, and some factors need to be specially considered when designing. as follows:
1. Product direction.
2. Requirements for subsequent processing of profiles
3. The final product may be very long
4. Different length styles
5. The combination of the initial fixed die and the subsequent flying die.

2. Flying die.
The function of flying die and fixed die is the same, but their structure and installation method are different. The fixed punching die is on the fixed machine and is used in the production of some specific profiles or on the production line of a roll forming machine with relatively low efficiency. The flying die can slide on the track, and there is no need to stop the machine during punching, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of the equipment.
When the flying die is working, it follows the profile. It accelerates from the initial position to the maximum speed, then decelerates, stops, then accelerates and decelerates in the opposite direction, and finally stops at the initial position. The entire stroke takes a fair amount Between 0.15 seconds and 1.5 seconds.
The acceleration mechanism of the die is generally installed on the fixed plate of the lower die. When accelerating or decelerating, the impact effect produced by the weight of the upper mechanism and the die. Therefore, the flying die has stronger support columns and guide rails than the fixed die.

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