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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

KINGREAL Cable Tray Complete Solution Production Line

KINGREAL Cable Tray Complete Solution Production Line can supply cable tray roll forming machine , cable ladder making machine and cable tray cover making machine according to customer’s needing. Send the cable tray system specification, KINGREAL will provide the customized design solution.

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     Description About Cable Tray System Solution Production Line:

    KINGREAL can provide Cable Tray Complete Solution Production Line, which including cable tray roll forming machine, cable tray cover making machine, cable tray ladder making machine. KINGREAL is a professional Roll Forming Machine manufacturer in China, which has more than 20 years of production experience and is committed to bring customers the optimal production solutions, providing a series of design solutions and suggestions. KINGREAL has also successfully sold Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine, Cable Ladder Machine and Cable Tray Cover and other related equipment and parts to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Poland and Greece etc. on Cable Tray System Solution equipment.
    Cable tray is divided into groove type, tray type and ladder rack type, grid format and other structures, by the bracket, bracket arm and installation accessories and other components. The bridge in the building can be independently erected, can also be laid in a variety of buildings (structures) and pipe corridor bracket. The production process involved includes cold bending and forming, punching and stamping, hydraulic shearing, etc. Each different type of cable tray corresponds to a different production solution, which KINGREAL can design and customize for customers individually.

    cable tray making machine cable tray cover machine cable tray ladder machine

     Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

    KINGREAL Cable Tray Forming Machine is designed to produce different shapes of cable tray, which can roll up to 2.0mm thickness of slot box and tray type cable tray, with different specifications of steel cable tray products from 100 to 600mm in width and 50 to 200mm in height.
    KINGREAL Cable Tray Forming Machines are designed to process sheet metal (e.g. galvanized steel) through a series of processes into various shapes and sizes of cable bridges through an automated process. This typically includes decoiler, straightener, punch press machine, roll forming machine and cutting station.

    cable tray making machine

    Each equipment unit of the production line shall ensure stable and reliable operation. Durable and operable. Maintenance is convenient.   It can operate continuously and stably in the following working conditions. This production line can achieve cable tray leveling.Automatic press punching cut off.roll forming.Specification adjustment and other works.Product switching of different sizes and specifications is accomplished by CNC rapid automatic adjustment molding machine

    Technical Design For Cable Tray Machine

    1. High Precision Straightener
    The leveling rollers have been tempered and chromium-plated to greatly improve their mechanical properties such as rigidity and surface roughness; they are composed of nipping rollers and leveling rollers; the nipping rollers can be adjusted individually, and the leveling rollers adopt the integral structure with two adjustment points before and after, which can form a certain inclination angle and facilitate the improvement of leveling quality. The feeding end of the leveling machine is equipped with a pair of guiding flat rollers and two pairs of guiding vertical rollers, which can be moved in the center and at the same time. Hand-wheel adjustment with scale is convenient for centering.
    2. Main Roll Forming Machine
    One set of rollers can complete the molding of all specifications of the bridge, and the replacement of varieties can be realized by adjusting the position of the left and right roller frames. The bed and transmission box adopt welded structure with stress relief treatment; the gears are made of 45 steel with hardened tooth surface; the main machine structure is made by imported Italian technology with higher precision.
    Roller adopts combined structure, with small speed difference and molding resistance, and small abrasion to the surface of steel plate; the roll process design adopts imported software, computer design, and FEA analysis, which ensures the shape precision of the work-piece and does not scratch the plate. The rollers are forged with GCr15, hardened as a whole and then CNC machined, the hardness can reach HRC58-62;
    3. Punch Press Machine
    Gantry punch presses usually feature a stable gantry structure that provides high work stability and machining accuracy. This is critical for work-pieces such as cable bridges that require precise dimensions. With a large table area and high impact force, they are able to handle larger sizes and thicknesses of sheet metal, making them suitable for larger sized metal machining needs such as cable bridges.

    cable tray machine  cable tray making machine  punch press machine

    Cable Tray Ladder Roll Forming Machine

    cable tray ladder machine

    Cable tray ladder roll forming machine (is a machine used to produce cable bridges. Cable bridges are typically used to support the installation of cables and other electrical equipment, to protect cables from damage and to ensure that cable routing is neat and organized. This machine roll-forms raw material through a series of automated steps to form cable bridge ladder models with specific shapes and sizes.

    Cable Tray Cover Making Machine

    cable tray cover machine

    Cable tray cover is a cover for cable tray systems. It is a metallic or non-metallic structure used to support power cables, communication cables and other cables and is designed to keep the cables in a safe, organized and manageable condition. Designed to be easy to install and maintain, they can effectively protect cables and ensure the long-term operation of cable tray systems.
    KINGREAL can provide customers with stand-alone Cable Tray Cover Roll Forming Machine for the production of different sizes of Cable Tray Cover, which can process the material thickness up to 1.2MM, and the production speed can reach 25M/min.

    Cable Tray System Display
    cable management tray

    KINGREAL has always been committed to providing customers with complete solutions, including Cable Tray System Solution Equipment, whether it is a Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine or an entire line of products, KINGREAL can provide design and KINGREAL can provide design and production drawings according to customers‘ needs.
    KINGREAL also has a professional production team to ensure the quality of Cable Tray System Equipment. After the production is completed, assembly test will be carried out in the factory to ensure the precision and stability of the machine.

     Technology Support

    As a professional manufacturer of roll forming machine in China, KINGREAL has been in design - production - installation - after-sales for more than 20 years. KINGREAL is able to customize production solutions according to customer‘s drawings and specific parameter requirements.

    After you ordered, our technical team will test the machine in an effort to insure every mechanical and electrical parts are in perfect condition.

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Cable Tray Cover Roll Forming Machine

KINGREAL Cable Tray Complete Solution Production Line


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