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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

KINGREAL Cable Tray Complete Solution Production Line

KINGREAL can provide complete cable tray production line solutions, including cable tray forming machines, cable tray cover forming machines, and cable tray ladder machines

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    KINGREAL can provide Cable Tray Complete Solution Production Line, which including cable tray roll forming machine, cable tray cover making machine, cable tray ladder making machine.

     cable tray cover machine cable tray ladder machine

     Following is cable tray cover making machine:

    This production line is consist of new equipment,
    the parts are made of high quality materials,supporting machinery, hydraulic.,electrical components and control systems are advanced, high quality and reliable products.

    cable tray making machine

    Each equipment unit of the production line shall ensure stable and reliable operation. Durable and operable. Maintenance is convenient.   It can operate continuously and stably in the following working conditions

    This production line can achieve cable tray leveling.Automatic press punching cut off.roll forming.Specification adjustment and other works.
    Product switching of different sizes and specifications is accomplished by CNC rapid automatic adjustment molding machine

    Final Product:



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Cable Tray Cover Roll Forming Machine

KINGREAL Cable Tray Complete Solution Production Line


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