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Customer Roll Forming Machine

Tube Roll Forming Machine

Tube Roll Forming Machine is designed for producing tubes or pipes with a square or custom cross-section.

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     Description of Square Pipe Roll Forming Machine 

    KINGREAL Square Pipe Roll Forming Machine is used to produce square, rectangular tube or pipe from metal strips or coils.

    Good quality is our consistent pursuit. Under the high production standards, the Square Pipe Roll Forming Machine provided by KINGREAL is undoubtedly the best helper for your production pipe and tube.

    square tube machine square tubing bender

     Main Processes of Square Tubing Bender 

    Hydraulic Decoiling →  Roll Forming → Cut to Length → Output

    square tube bending machine

     Parameter of Square Tubing Bender 
    Specification Wall Thickness Length
    1010mm-300300mm 0.5mm-12mm 4-12m
    2020mm-500500mm 1mm-20mm 4-12m
    4020mm-600400mm 1.5mm-25mm 4-12m
    5050mm-10001000mm 1.5mm-30mm 4-12m

     Features of Square Tube Bending Machine 

    * High Quality Components *

    - Machine body that have been hard chrome coated and polished, effective in reducing wear and tear

    - Shafts made of CR 40 with a diameter of 58mm and precision machining

    - System for PLC Control (Touch screen and PLC brand:German Siemens,Inverter brand:Japan Panasonic,Encoder brand:Japan Omron)
    hydraulic square tubing bender
    square tube cutting machine * User Friendly Design *

    - Multi-language operation interface support (if you have customization needs, welcome to contact us)

    - Equipped with CNC Touch Screen, easy to operate the machine
    * High Precision *

    - Tolerance for cuts to length 2 mm
    square pipe bending machine

     Widely Application of Square Tube Bending Machine 

    The main advantages of Square Tube Bending Machine are high efficiency, precise and consistent tube dimensions, and the shapes and sizes of pipes can be customized. The tube machine is widely used in various industries, including:
    - Construction: building frames, highway guardrails, billboard supports, etc.

    - Automotive: automobile chassis, frame, engine bracket, seat bracket, etc.

    - HVAC: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.

    cnc square tube cutter

     Quality Insurance 

    KINGREAL has passed ISO9000 certification and has the ability of ISO9000 quality system management.

    After you ordered, our technical team will test the machine in an effort to insure every mechanical and electrical parts are in perfect condition.

    square tube roller bender

     KINGREAL Technical Team 

    KINGREAL has a professional technical team with more than 25 years of relevant experience from the drawing design to the manufacturing of Square Pipe Roll Forming Machine, from design - production - installation - after-sales, our team has an excellent standard. 

    We has established the localized technical support team in Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India and etc.. Localized service points in other countries are also in progress.

    square tube punching machine

     After-Sales Services 

    Services are always highly considered by us, in addition to establishing a complete remote service system, localized after-sales service is also what we have been insisting on doing. The global localization service point is under construction.

    aluminum square tubing bender
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