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Our Professional Team

KINGREAL Technical Team

The KINGREAL technical team is a highly professional team consisting of a number of experienced engineers and technical experts. With extensive technical backgrounds and years of industry experience, these professionals are familiar with the design, production and maintenance of a wide range of machinery, and possess in-depth industry insights and innovative thinking.

They are able to provide the best quality solutions tailored to customer needs. In addition, the KKINGREAL team also has strong R&D capabilities, constantly introducing new technologies and products to provide better services to our customers.


The KINGREAL sales team is a professional and efficient team whose focus is to ensure that the customer‘s equipment is always in the best condition during its use and to ensure that the customer‘s interests are maximized.

First of all, each member of the after-sales sales team has rich industry knowledge and skills, and can deeply understand the needs of customers and provide professional solutions according to the actual situation of customers.
In terms of communication with customers, in addition to y English, KINGREAL sales team also has small language professionals who can provide support in Russian and Arabic.

Secondly, the team members are not only familiar with the design and operation of building materials machinery, but also familiar with the technology of machinery maintenance and servicing, and can repair and maintain the customer‘s equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
In addition, the after-sales sales team also actively collects feedback from customers to continuously improve the after-sales service system and enhance customer satisfaction.

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KINGREAL has arranged after-sales service in various parts of the world.

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