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Drywall Partition Systems Roll Forming Line

50 vice keel making machine from KINGREAL manufacture

50 Vice Keel Roll Forming Machine is one of our most featuring products. it is featured with high speed output (up to 120m/min),fully automatic running (auto stacking system for your choice), easy to operate. 

  • KINGREAL DryWall Partition System 50 Vice Keel Roll Forming Machine

    The basic structure of 50 vice keel roll forming machine is double heads decoiler, continuously cold roll forming, Hydraulic fly punch, hydraulic fly shearing output table and etc. 

    Machine Features:

    Double heads decoiler

    High speed cold roll forming

    Full servo motors driving to adjust the width and height

    Easy machine operation

    Hydraulic LOGO punch & Fly punch

    Auto stacking system for your choice.


    Technical Specification is follows:

    Raw materials

    galvanized steel strip or stainless-steel strip

    Spring tee sizes

    According with customers’ drawing

    Maximum forming speed

    120 m / min

    Roll Forming stands

    12-15 Rollers station

    Machine Power

    ~ 15 KW


    KINGREAL fly punching and shearing system can be used to do the high speed punching and shearing of different kinds of metal profiles. The Logo can be punched with the shearing station.

    With this unstop following shearing system, the channel production speed is up to 120m/min.


    Our machines use aviation plug design to connect the circuit. The design has the characteristics of simple installation and beautiful appearance.

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