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Drywall Partition Systems Roll Forming Line

Automatic C Studs U Tracks Roll Making Machinery

KINGREAL C/U Metal Channel Profile Making Machine is featured with some most advanced technology, which makes it reach an
unbelievable production speed (up to 120m/min).

  • KINGREAL High Speed Studs And Tracks Making Machine can produce various sizes of studs, tracks on one machine.  Based on different customer‘s request, there are different ways to adjust the width, automatically or manually. 

    High speed studs and tracks making machine with auto width change

    The studs and tracks roll forming machine is used for production of different sizes of studs and runners, the output speed is up to 100m/min,featured with follow punch and fly shearing system. 

    auto width adjustable studs and tracks roll forming machine

    We have several cutting methods for this machine such as fixed station cutting, follow shearing and fly shearing. Also, the cutting molds can be customized to produce different shapes of products.

    high speed studs and tracks roll forming machine

    Machine Features:
    -Double heads decoiler

    -High speed cold roll forming
    -Combi structure for your choice to produce different steel profiles on one machine
    -Machine protection -Hydraulic fly shearing
    -Auto stacking system for your choice.

     Drywall studs and tracks roll forming machine

    KINGREAL Drywall studs and tracks high speed roll forming machine machine is made of strip steel as raw material and is produced by continuous cold rolling to produce complex section profiles (products include: light steel keel, studs roll forming machine, tracks roll forming machine, runners roll forming machine,  painted keel, card keel, various architectural profiles, steel structures, steel lining frame profiles, High-speed barriers, etc.) and different specifications of cold-roll forming machine and painting units are controlled by PLC.

    high speed partition wall studs and tracks roll forming machine

    Processing technology of metal studs and tracks roll forming machine machine: discharging----directing----roll forming----cutting----receiving

    Light steel keel machine equipment consists of: discharge machine, guiding frame, forming host, calibration device, cut-off part, receiving table, electrical control part and so on.

    Drywall profiles auto package machine:                                                          


    KINGREAL specializes in an automatic production line for the 2-6m drywall profiles, aluminum tube and other building materials industry, with a lot of labor, low obedience, and research and development. The work process of automatic buckle, automatic rectification, automatic arm palletizing and automatic plastic steel bundling is adopted to form an automatic/efficient/stable automatic palletizing and packing line.


    This production line adopts PLC control and has a high degree of automation. And it has the advantages of saving manpower, reducing labor intensity, reducing costs, and reducing injuries to employees, and is more suitable for industry competition.

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