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Drywall Partition Systems Roll Forming Line

Furring Hat Profile Channel roll forming production line

High speed furring channel making machine from Kingreal manufacturer, which is featured with high speed roll forming with follow shearing system.

  • Furring Hat Channel roll forming production line                                                                

    KINGREAL offer full solution for ceiling profiles high speed production, these machines including:
    1. Steel C channel profile roll forming machine
    2. Steel U channel profile roll forming machine
    3. Steel furring hat channel making machine
    4. Flexible Stud and tracks making machine
    5. Angle profile channel making machine
    6. Gypsum ceiling carrier making machine

    High speed furring channel making machine is featured with high speed roll forming with follow shearing system.

    High speed furring channel making machine

    The high speed omega channel roll forming line is made of decoiler, high precision roll forming main machine, high speed follow shearing system and material stacker. 

    omega channel high speed roll forming machine

    Featured with high speed, high precision and stable output, it is first choice of the decrotion materials. 

    high speed hat channel roll forming machine

    High precision full servo control system
    We use high precision full servo control system for our machines. 1,We use Yaskawa servo feeder to adjust height and width of roller sets. 2,We use Yaskawa servo feeder for the follow shearing system. 3,These feeders ensure high-precision,high-speed and stable operation of our machines.

    Drywall profiles auto package machine:

    KINGREAL specializes in an automatic production line for the 2-6m drywall profiles, aluminum tube and other building materials industry, with a lot of labor, low obedience, and research and development.The work process of automatic buckle, automatic rectification, automatic arm palletizing and automatic plastic steel bundling is adopted to form an automatic/efficient/stable automatic palletizing and packing line.

    This production line adopts PLC control and has a high degree of automation. And it has the advantages of saving manpower, reducing labor intensity, reducing costs, and reducing injuries to employees, and is more suitable for industry competition.
    Technical parameter:

    Applicable products

    Drywall stud and track profiles, Steel stud, C stud, L profiles, Gypsum carrier profiles, keel, aluminum tube and other long objects

    Product length

    2-6 meters (may be longer)

    The number of whole bundles

    Can be set according to customer requirements

    Bundling speed

    50-120m/min, according to customer requirements

    Power specification

    380V, 50/60HZ

    Applicable width

    10, 16, 20, 25, 30, 110, 630, etc.


    standard or piercing strapping machine (whole stack)

    Packing belt material

    adhesive tape, plastic steel belt, PP belt and other materials

    The automatic bundling line and other automatic equipment can be customized according to customer requirement

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