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Drywall Partition Systems Roll Forming Line

Furring L angle profile roll forming machine

Our partition drywall keel roll forming machine comes standard with Siemens motor, Panasonic PLC, Panasonic inverter, Omron encoder. 

  • For ceiling profiles high speed production, these machines is including as follows :       

    1. Steel C channel profile roll forming machine

    2. Steel U channel profile roll forming machine

    3. Steel furring hat channel making machine

    4. Flexible Stud and tracks making machine

    5. Angle profile channel making machine

    6. Gypsum ceiling carrier making machine

    Technical Specification of L angle profile roll forming machine:

    Raw materials

    galvanized steel strip or stainless-steel strip

    Spring tee sizes

    According with customers’ drawing

    Maximum forming speed

    120 m / min

    Roll Forming stands

    10-12 Rollers station

    Machine Power

    ~ 15 KW


    Structure of L angle profile roll forming machine:

    Hydraulic decoiler

    Main roll forming machine

    shearing station

    Output table.

    Electrical & Hydraulic system

    The hydraulic parts use high efficiency energy storage type hydraulic system. And it adopts Taiwan or Germany hydraulic components and equipped with air cooling system. It can be used for the high-speed punching and shearing of different roll formed products. And KINGREAL will provide p
    rotective shield for the whole machine safe production.

    Our company‘s uniquely designed rotate fly punch & shearing  system is mainly used for high-speed punching and cutting of light steel keels. The system uses a high-power servo feeder to drive the axle to work continuously without stopping, which can improve running speed of the entire line and output efficiency.   

    Drywall Profiles Auto Package Machine:                                                            


    KINGREAL specializes in an automatic production line for the 2-6m drywall profiles, aluminum tube and other building materials industry, with a lot of labor, low obedience, and research and development. The work process of automatic buckle, automatic rectification, automatic arm palletizing and automatic plastic steel bundling is adopted to form an automatic/efficient/stable automatic palletizing and packing line.


    This production line adopts PLC control and has a high degree of automation. And it has the advantages of saving manpower, reducing labor intensity, reducing costs, and reducing injuries to employees, and is more suitable for industry competition.

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