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How to do the safety protection measures of the molding machine?

There can be significant risks for those unfamiliar with the proper safety steps to take with a roll former. What follows is an overview of best safety practices to keep in mind when using a portable roll former to help avoid risks to yourself and other.


1. Familiar machines by reading manuals and signing up for training

Before you try to operate a roll forming machine, it is crucial to understand how the machine works by reading the machine manual and taking a training session with a skilled service technician.


The manuals that come with a molding machine are an invaluable asset for a machine operator, especially when trying to troubleshoot problems in the field, know the proper way to maintain a portable molding machine.

Training courses are great for new machine operators as they often provide a hangs-on approach to learning the beat and safest ways to run a machine. Training can also help new machine operators or employees learn how to:

- Avoid injury to machine operators or other employees;

- Learn how to run different types and grades of material;

- Maintain high productivity and quality of the final product;


2. During operation, keep the covers、protective shield and guards installed on the machine at all times.

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) outlines guarding requirements for all machines in Regulation 1910.212 OSHA directs: One or more methods of machine guarding shall be provided to protect the operator and other employees in the machine area form hazards such as those caused by operating points, entry pinch points, rotating parts, flying debris and sparks.


Scissors are very dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. For this reason, the machine is equipped with a guard to prevent the operator from reaching into the shears. The guard must remain in place at all times when the machine is running.


Keeping lids and covers on the machine also helps protects the portable molding machine, ensuring that harmful and damaging items cannot get inside the machine. Debris, dust and foreign objects can damage machine parts of materials passing through the machine and may injure others.


In order to avoid safety accidents during the operation of the roll forming machine, KINGREAL will configure a protective shield for the roll forming machine as one of the safety measures, please be sure to use it as required.

In addition to the protective shield, gratings and protective safety covers are also one of the protective measures for the operation of the roll forming machine.


3. Before attempting any adjustments or performing any maintenance or conversion procedures, stop the machine and disconnect the power.

It seems obvious that the machine operator must remember to stop the portable roll-former and disconnect the power source before making any adjustments, performing and machine maintenance operations, or changing configuration files.


Not only does turning off the power prevent the machine from starting again and potentially injuring yourself or other, it also prevents the machine from crashing if a tool gets stuck between the roller or inside the machine.


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