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How to install the T Bar Ceiling?

Step 1- Design the Ceiling Grid


Measure and make a scale drawing of each room. Layout the tile spacing and see how it looks. Just like laying floors, you want to make sure your outer edge ceiling tiles arent too small. Ideally, they will be placed evenly along the perimeter.


Steps 2- Install L shape Channel


How to install a Drop Ceiling Using These L-Channels

This is a nice mitered L channel in the outer corner. When leaning how to install a drop ceiling, be sure to take the extra time to correct these corners.

Determine the drop you want to use and measure the distance from the floor joists down the perimeter of the room. Mark the location of your wall studs and using self-adhesive drywall screws, glue the L-shaped channel to the wall.

Inside corners are simple- either overlap the two pieces or butt them together. The outside corners can be similarly butted together, but for a sharper look, they can be overlapped and cut one at a 45-degree angle to give the appearance of a mitered corner..


Step 3 - Install the T-Channel


The main tee is perpendicular to the floor joists. According to your grid layout, separate your first main T-channel from the wall.


These channels will be supported by L channels on both ends and eyelets in the middle, with wires about 2-4 feet apart. This is equivalent to every other or every third joist.


Once you‘ve loosely routed the wire through the channel and eyelet, the next thing to do is to make sure the channel is level. A good strategy is to follow the L channel to pull from one wall to the other.


Then pull each wire tight so that the T-channel aligns with the string. Wrap the wire around itself to make sure it doesn‘t sag or come loose due to the weight of the tile. Flush with T-channels spaced 4 feet apart and repeat this process until all channels are open.




Step 4 - Install  T Bar Ceiling


Cross T installation is a breeze. You‘ll need to snap into a 4-foot cross T. Likewise, if using 2x2 tiles, the same goes for the 2 foot cross T. The easiest way to do both is to do both for a smoother installation. Start with a full T and move to the edge once done. Measure and cut each T size. Always cut a bevel at the end of the wall so that it does not interfere with the wall.


As you progress, drop in a few full tiles to align the grid. Be sure to do this before cutting edge tiles to ensure the grid is perfectly square.

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