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Introduction to slitting machines of different specifications

What are common slitting lines?

The coil slitting line is the width required to make wider coils. The main coil will be threaded into the slitting line to create a coil of the width required by the customer. Finally, the slit coils produced are rewound.

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What is Light Slitting Line?

Lightweight slitting lines are capable of handling coils of different sizes in stainless steel, tinplate, aluminium and electrical steel. They can produce coils from 0.15mm to 4mm thick at speeds up to 2400 feet per minute (730 MPM).

Light duty high speed slitting line with the ability to handle heavier materials, versatility and rigidity. There is also a continuous thickness measurement system for higher strip quality.


What is a medium gauge slitting line?

Medium gauge slitting lines are designed to handle heavier materials, but also have the precision of lighter gauges. The mid-size slitting line is also capable of handling a variety of edge trimming scrap systems, including scrap winding, scrap balling and scrap shredding systems.

The medium-duty slitting line is capable of handling heavy-duty coils weighing up to 100,000 pounds, 0.157 to 0.25 inches thick, and operates at 1200 FPM for efficient production.


What is a large size slitting line?

Large-gauge slitting lines are designed for slitting high-strength, large-gauge materials. These size slitter are available in coil capacities of 100,000 lbs, 0.75 inches thick and 96 inches wide. They can run at speeds up to 500 FPM.


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