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Basic knowledge of shelves

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The role and function of the shelf

Shelves play a very important role in the logistics system. With the increasing flow of logistics and the increase in the number of automated warehouses, the number of shelves will increase, and they are required to be multifunctional and to achieve automation and mechanization requirements.

metal shelving machine

The function of the shelf rack is as follows:

1. Due to the full use of the space position, the shelf rack improves the space utilization string of the warehouse and increases the storage capacity of the warehouse.

2. The goods are in the shelf grid of the shelf rack, which is easy to access, easy  to measure, and easy to count, and and the principle of first-in, first-out can be achieved.

3. The goods in the depositor‘s loan rack do not squeeze each other, and measures such as dust-proof and moisture-proof can be conveniently taken to ensure the quality of the goods themselves, reduce the loss of materials, and improve the storage quality of materials.

4. The goods stored in the shelf rack are convenient for mechanized operation.

steel shelving machine

For produce high quality shelf board products, KINGREAL will provide shelf board forming machine.

KINGREAL provides Shelving and Racking Panel production lines for product the storage shelf panel, width of products is changeable thanks to our servo motor controlling system. Only need to wait for 10 minutes, the machine can switch to another width of products.

Our shelf panel roll forming machine is one of the most featuring products, with famous brands main motor and high-hardness CR12MOV rollers, 30mm thickness archway panels, our machine is ready to provide services for clients for an exceedingly long time.

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