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Difference in Ceiling Materials

Ceiling not only beautify the interior, make the interior look more neat, prevent the accumulation of dust, but also play a role in keeping warm in winter and heat insulation in summer. Now on the market commonly used ceiling materials are: light steel keel, aluminum ceiling tile, PVC sheet panel.

The following are the characteristics of these materials, hope to help you better choose the ceiling material.

1.Light Steel Keel
Light steel keel is generally made of galvanized steel plate cold-formed or stamped. It has the following characteristics:

(1)Light Weight
Generally speaking, the weight of light steel keel is only 4-5 kg/flat.

(2)Structural Safety
Light steel keel ceiling is characterized by high strength, safe and reliable structure and good impact resistance. Light steel keel and general gypsum board composed of 10~19mm thick wall lateral load is 390~850N.

(3)Good Anti-seismic Function
The light steel keel ceiling is fixed with nails and self-tapping screws, which has outstanding anti-seismic function.

2.Aluminum Clip-in Ceiling Tile
Aluminum clip-in ceiling panels are made of aluminum alloy. KINGREAL Full Automatic Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line is used for producing different type of ceiling panels including clip in, lay in, lay on and etc. Aluminum clip-in ceiling panel has the following characteristics:

(1)Richness of Style
The traditional aluminum clip-in ceiling tile is a smooth plate, with the continuous development of modern production process, the current market aluminum clip-in ceiling panels can be presented in different colors and patterns, so that the decoration style is more diversified.

(2)Waterproof and Moisture-proof
Due to the superior waterproof and moisture-proof performance, aluminum clip-in ceiling planks are often used in the kitchen and bathroom roof decoration.

3.PVC Sheet Panel
PVC sheet panel is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the base material, adding a certain amount of anti-aging agents, modifiers and other additives, by mixing, calendering, vacuum forming and other processes. It has the following characteristics:

(1)Superior Performance
PVC sheet panels have the advantages of light quality, moisture-proof, heat insulation, not easy to burn, easy to and install. Especially by the new technology processing and become the PVC sheet panel due to the addition of flame-retardant materials, so that it can be away from the fire that is extinguished, the use of more secure.

(2)Richness of Style
The surface decoration of the PVC sheet panel has two kinds of single color and pattern. And the pattern has imitation wood grain, imitation marble and other patterns.

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