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How To Buy Cable Tray Product?

A cable tray is a piece of equipment used to protect and organize wires and cables, which is produced by Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine. It usually consists of brackets, bridges, connectors and fittings that can be fixed to the walls, ceilings or floors of buildings to support and cover wires and cables.

cable tray making machine

The following are a few points that can be referred to when purchasing:

1. Cable Tray Structure Type Selection

Cable bridge contains tray type cable bridge, slot type cable bridge, combined cable bridge and other types.

In the design phase, designers should be required to reasonably select the structural characteristics of cable bridges according to the environmental characteristics and technical requirements of the project, and clearly expressed in the type label and material table of the plan.

2. Cable Tray Material Selection

Cable bridge material is another common issue in cable bridge engineering design. According to the material division, cable bridges are mainly steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum alloy several.

FRP cable bridge is characterized by light weight, the specific gravity is only 1/4 of carbon steel; good water resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for chemical plants. The superiority of construction lies in easy cutting, flexible assembly and installation without fire.

The weight of aluminum alloy cable tray is also very light. The outline size and loading characteristics of aluminum alloy cable tray are basically similar to those of steel tray. In terms of cost, the cost of aluminum alloy cable tray is 20% higher than galvanized steel cable tray, and the service life is more than 5 times that of steel cable tray.

3. The Choice Of Filling Rate Of Cable Bridges

 Cable Ladder Frame, tray width and height of the choice should be in line with the filling rate requirements, cable ladder frame and tray filling rate in general, power cables can be 40%-50%, control cables cab be 50%-70%, and it is appropriate to set aside 10%-25% of the project development margin.

4. The Choice Of Cable Tray Load Level

In the selection of the load level of the cable bridge, the working average load of the cable bridge should not be greater than the rated average load of the selected cable bridge load level.

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