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How to Choose Suitable Storage Shelves?

With the rapid development of logistics and warehousing industry, shelves as an important equipment in the warehousing industry, favored by more and more enterprises. How to choose the right storage shelves, has become one of the important issues in the warehousing industry. Kingreal has a complete production line of shelving system and has become a good partner for many friends in the logistics and warehousing industry. The following KINGREAL will discuss how to choose the right storage shelves from the structure of the shelves, materials, load-bearing capacity.

1.Shelf structure types
The type of structure of the racks is one of the primary considerations in selecting shelves. Different types of shelving structures are suitable for different scenarios and needs.

(1)Single-row rack: Simple structure, suitable for storing a small number of items with light weight. Easy to operate, easy to take and put the goods.

(2)Double-row rack: complex structure, providing more storage space, suitable for storing a larger number of items with lighter weight. The difficulty of operation needs to be considered when picking up and placing the goods.

(3)Drawer type rack: Suitable for storing small items, easy to pick up and place the goods through the design of the drawer, making full use of the storage space.

(4)Gravitational rack: space-saving, suitable for storing a larger number of items with a lighter weight. Through gravity to push the goods to the picking mouth, improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.

2.Selection of materials for shelves
The choice of material for the shelves is also one of the important considerations. Common shelf materials are steel, wood, plastic and so on. Different materials have different characteristics and scope of application.

(1) Steel shelving: suitable for storing heavier items, with high load-bearing capacity and stability, good durability. KINGREAL shelf column forming machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and stability, which can greatly improve the load-bearing capacity and quality of shelf column.

(2) Wooden shelving: suitable for storing less quantity and lighter weight items. The price is relatively low, not easy to wear and tear, will not damage the storage items.

(3)  Plastic shelving: Suitable for storing a small number of items of light weight. Easy to carry and move, will not damage the ground.

3.Load-bearing capacity of shelvings
The load-bearing capacity of shelvings is one of the key factors in selecting shelves. It determines the scope of use of the shelvings and the type of items to be stored. The selection should be made according to the weight and size of the stored items and other factors. The greater the load-bearing capacity, the wider the scope of use, but the price is also correspondingly higher.

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