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How to maintain the Flange Roll Forming Machine?

The flange roll forming machine also needs to be maintained in the process of use, which can prolong the service life of the flange roll forming machine. Many flange forming machine manufacturers tend to ignore this point.


Next, KINGREAL will introduce this knowledge to you.


In view of this knowledge, what we should understand is that the flange roll forming machine is mainly composed of three parts: the main engine, the hydraulic station and the electric control cabinet.


The high-pressure oil output by the electric oil pump is sent into the working cylinder or the motor through the high-pressure oil pipe, and the high-pressure oil pushes the working cylinder or the inner plunger of the motor to generate thrust and torque, and bend the profile through the mold parts.


1. Circuit

Pay attention to the cleaning of the cleaning of the circuit board, regularly clean the dust of the strong and weak electric box, keep the electric box dry and prevent moisture.


2. Oil circuit

Check all parts of the oil circuit for oil leakage and deal with it in time. Prevents piston rod scratches and oil deterioration.


3. Machinery

Check the transmission parts of the machine for wear and tear, check whether each grease nipple is blocked, and ass grease.


Other precautions:

It is recommended to replace the hydraulic oil once a year and clean the sludge in the oil tank. The water cooler should be cleaned in time to prevent the oil temperature from rising and causing accelerated aging of the oil.

Of course, safety is no trivial matter. Circuit safety door switches, oil circuit pressure relief vales, mechanical safety blocks, and machine warning lights must be checked for normal operation during maintenance.

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