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Specifications of light steel villa channel

The Thickness of
light steel profileis between 0.4mm- 0.2mm. Under normal circumstances, the design will select channel of different thickness according to the weight of the lifting material to ensure the bearing capacity of the channel. For example, when choosing a paper gypsum ceiling, use a light steel keel with a thinner thickness, and choose a light steel keel with a larger thickness for the thickness of the gypsum.

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One is [Q 235 hot-dip galvanized steel], its strength is ≥2m3, and it is resistant to strong acid and alkali environment for ≥1500 hours. It is the standard material of two plates and one core for most light steel villas. As the main material with the largest number of housing, its total housing cost is relatively low due to its low price. The other is [G550 hot-dip aluminium galvanized steel], its strength is ≥9, the weather resistance in strong acid and alkali environment is ≥550 hours, the minimum natural environment condition can be used for 90 years, and the tested service life is 275 In 2008, this keel material was mainly used in China.

Light steel profile are divided into two categories: wall channel (Q) and ceiling channel (D) according to their uses.

The ceiling profile is composed of load-bearing profile (main channel), profile (auxiliary channel) and various accessories; the wall keel is composed of horizontal keel, vertical keel, horizontal keel and various accessories.


The main specifications of wall joists are Q50, Q75, Q100 and Q150.

The main specifications of ceiling channel are D38, D50 and D60.

According to its cross-sectional shape, it can be divided into seven types: U, C, T, H, V, L, CH.

The marking sequence of light steel keel is: product name, code, width, section height, steel plate thickness, standard number.

According to process and decoration requirements, customers should choose wall joists, ceiling joists, specifications and cross-sectional shapes.

According to different classification standards, the specification classification of light steel keel ceiling is divided, and there are many specifications classification of ceiling profile.

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Light steel channel ceiling, using light steel ceiling material.

According to the cross section of the profile, the ceiling keel can be divided into U-shaped keel and C-shaped keel.

According to the specifications, the keel ceiling can be divided into D25 series, D35 series, D50 series and D60 series.

The channel type can be divided into Q 50 series, Q 75 series and Q 100 series.

In addition, the thickness of light steel profile varies from 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm, so in the process, the corresponding keel specifications have different thicknesses.

Also, keel widths vary by size, but when naming light steel keel models, it is common to use your own keel width.

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