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The Difference Between Aluminum Baffle and Aluminum Cell Ceiling Grille

Aluminum baffle is a popular new ceiling material in recent years, it has a broad line of sight, ventilation and air, layered style simple and generous and easy to install and remove the advantages of simple. In many large shopping malls, subway stations, international business buildings can be seen to the application of aluminum baffle. Aluminum cell ceiling grille is also a new aluminum ceiling material. For people the two look like a commodity, but there is really no difference between the two?

The answer is different. Aluminum baffles and aluminum cell ceiling grilles are actually two different ceiling decoration materials. There are many differences between them. As a professional sheet metal ceiling equipment manufacturer in China, KINGREAL will introduce the difference between them to help readers understand how to choose the right metal ceiling for themselves and create a personalized interior space.

Aluminum U-shape baffle has a variety of styles and can be freely combined. With its modern style application and color on a variety of colors, aluminum U-shape baffle has become the highlight of modern ceiling decoration, making it more prominent in the ceiling market, so aluminum baffle ceilings are very popular among consumers. The Full-Automatic U-Baffle Ceiling Production Line produced by KINGREAL can help you produce aluminum U-shape baffle that suit your needs. In addition, aluminum U shape baffle ceiling has the following characteristics:

1.Aluminum U shape baffle has an open view, excellent ventilation and air permeability, and the style is simple and clear with a sense of hierarchy. 

2.Gradation is distinct: Installation of the actual effect is simple and clear, reflecting the simple and clear modern art style.

3.Color Diversity: Aluminum baffles are one of the most trendy styles on the sales market today, with a wide range of color options.

The following to introduce what is aluminum cell ceiling grille. Aluminum cell ceiling grille is a series of main bone, sub-bone longitudinal and horizontal distribution, by the successive lattice and the lattice combined to be the ceiling, can greatly alleviate the feeling of depression caused by the narrow space. Aluminum cell ceiling grille also belongs to a kind of aluminum ceiling suspended ceiling, which can be customized according to the user‘s preference. 

Aluminum cell ceiling grille has the advantages of light material, beautiful appearance, fire prevention and waterproof, simple processing, ventilation and so on. It can be installed with lamps and other inlays, and the appearance and modeling style is special. If you‘re interested in aluminum cell ceiling grille production, the full automatic aluminum grid ceiling production line produced by KINGREAL can help you. In addition, aluminum cell ceiling grille ceiling also has the following characteristics:
1.Aluminum cell ceiling grille has a very good ventilation, mainly because of its structure cut point is different, the normal grille will be made into a grid or vertical strip, the middle is hollow shape, so the ventilation performance is very good.
2. The use of aluminum cell ceiling grille can reduce direct sunlight. The grille can be installed in the balcony or corridor and other areas, which can reduce the direct sunlight on the interior to a certain extent, reduce the sunlight on the indoor heat radiation, to achieve energy-saving effect.

3.Aluminum cell ceiling grille has a very good aesthetic, it can be made according to the needs of your own home into a delicate shape, used as an entrance partition use fashionable, beautiful and durable.

Although aluminum cell ceiling grilles and aluminum U-shape baffles have the above-mentioned differences, in fact, the scope of application of aluminum U shape baffles and aluminum cell ceiling grilles is almost the same, and they are widely used in airports, shopping malls, subways, exhibition halls and other places.
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