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The Main Performance and Prospect of Light Steel Villa

Light steel structure is a subdivision of the construction industry, using steel plates and cold-rolled cold-formed profiles connected by connectors to form a structure, light steel structure building system originated from the North American low-density steel structure housing system.

It adopts high-efficiency thin-walled profiles with high-strength plates to form a composite wall, which is suitable for people to live for a long time.

Main performance of light steel villa
1、Heat insulation
Light steel villa adopts extruded plastic panel as construction material, the thermal value of wall system can reach 4.24K.㎡/W, the thermal insulation performance is 2 times of 490mm thick porous block brick wall.

2、Ventilation and moisture resistance
The wall is paved with one-sided moisture-proof breathing paper, which effectively prevents the invasion of outside water vapor and humid gas, while discharging indoor humid air to ensure indoor air circulation and freshness and dryness.

3、Wind and earthquake resistance
The light steel keel has strong stability and can withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake and a magnitude 12 hurricane.

4、Sound insulation and durability
The walls are filled with glass fiber wool, with sound insulation of 65 dB for external walls, 45 dB for internal walls and 70 dB for floor surfaces.

Light steel villa development direction
1、Green and environment-friendly
The construction materials are all environmental protection materials in accordance with national standards, and the material loss is reduced by 60%, and the construction process and later demolition will not cause environmental pollution.

2、Short construction period
Factory prefabricated structural fittings are used, with a high degree of standardization, and only simple installation is required to complete the main frame, and the construction process is not affected by weather and climate, which greatly shortens the construction cycle. One-stop service, design, material, production, construction and after-sales one-stop service, save your heart and mind.

3、High recycling rate
The construction materials of light steel villa can be recycled, the recycling rate of light steel keel is up to 100%, and the recycling rate of other supporting construction materials is also up to 80%.

4、Large effective use area
The walls of light steel villa are thin, only 180mm thick for the external wall and 120mm thick for the internal wall, which effectively increases the usable area of the house by about 10%.

5、Beautiful appearance and rich modeling.
Light steel villa manufacturers use metal carved panels as exterior wall decoration materials, with various styles and colors; the shapes are divided into Nordic style, American style, modern style, Spanish style, Tuscan style and so on.

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