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What are the advantages of the Flange Roll Forming Machine?

The reason why the Flange Roll Forming Machine can quickly and efficiently produce high-quality flanges is because of its many features, mainly in 7 aspects.


As we know, the flange machine is generally combined with Volume Control Damper Making Machine to produce the VCD.


The following is the advantage of the flange roll forming machine:


1. Small size and light weight

Because not only the transmission structure of new technology is adopted, the input shaft and output shaft are on the same axis, but also the unique feature of direct connection with the motor is integrated, so the machine has the characteristic of compact structure, small volume and light weight.


2. High mechanical efficiency, less failure and long life:

The main transmission meshing parts of this machine are made of high-quality combined steel. The work roll end bearing adopts the bearing support produced by the introduction of foreign technology, and the bearing capacity is large.

Moreover, the power loss caused by friction is reduced, so the mechanical properties are good, the wear resistance is good, and the rolling friction is used, so the failure is less and service life is long.


3. Reliable and stable operation:

The multi-tooth meshing is used in the transmission process of the machine, so the operation is stable and reliable and the noise is low.


4. Easy disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance:

The machine adopts the overall structure, the design is reasonable, the rigidity is strong, and the disassembly and assembly are simple and easy to maintain.


5. Strong overload capacity

Shock resistance. Small inertia moment, suitable for frequent starting and forward and reverse rotation. Improve the service life of the motor.


6. It has the advantages of strong carrying capacity, long service life, fast rolling speed and reliable product quality.


7. Safe operation, high efficiency, convenient adjustment, long service life, low energy consumption and good economy.

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