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What is an industrial shelf?

Industrial racking systems
 are produced by Shelving Panel Making Machine, which are metal structures designed to support goods in a warehouse or industrial facility. Different types of industrial shelves are key elements for the smooth functioning of a warehouse and play a central role in a company‘s logistics and supply chain operations.

For every situation, storage requirement or unit load, there are different types of industrial racks, but they all have the advantage of optimizing the space available in the warehouse compared to ground storage.

metal shelving machine

Nowadays, with the growth of online shopping and the need to have an extensive network of logistics distribution centers across the country, optimizing space is key. To meet this need, we have pallet racking systems and picking solutions.

Over the years, the industrial Warehousing Systems segment has evolved from adjustable pallet racking systems to its current reality with versatile, dynamic and adaptable systems that can meet the needs of every business.

Different types of warehouse industrial shelving systems are classified in several ways; here we will focus on non-automated storage systems and divide them into two broad categories based on the type of unit loads to be stored: pallet or pallet load racks and cartons or small Picking solutions for items.

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Quality Shelf Features:

Its important to remember that industrial shelves, while seemingly simple products of standard construction, are actually quite different.

The storage system design of industrial racks are the result of major engineering research and innovation efforts, which have made it possible to create efficient structures that optimize time and space for international companies.

metal storage shelves making machine

Some key aspects to consider the quality of different types of industrial shelves are:

Engineering: In the most complex storage systems, structural calculations, load and resistance studies, and seismic calculations performed by specialized technical teams are essential.

Reliable production process for every element of the structure:
automated manufacturing process with control, traceability and quality monitoring at all stages to provide the highest quality shelves.

Raw materials are the foundation:
using steel of the highest quality standards will make our shelves safer and more durable.

Comply with international and local regulations:
 In the manufacture and design of industrial shelves, all global and specific quality regulations in each country must be followed.

Choosing an experienced and well-known manufacturer, such as
KINGREAL Machinery can maximize the quality of the shelf board.

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