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What Is Top Hat Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine?

Top Hat LGS making machine used in the light steel frame processing of light steel keel equipment, also called hat channel keel machine, by 14 groups of gradual type surface rollers, at room temperature will be sheet metal strip through continuous bending deformation into the required cross-sectional shape of the sheet metal forming process method.

LGS Roll Forming Machine

Online will be designed light steel frame keel body data, through the light steel keel machine, the designed keel shape in the light steel keel according to different hole types.

Screw installation holes and pipe plumbing holes, foot holes, different lengths and other assembly line according to the graphics print, spray on the code processing out, out of the product according to the drawing number for assembly can be.

Factory batch production, installation, quality assurance, and thus fast on-site construction! The products are commonly used in some large span buildings, trusses, integrated houses, bendable shapes, modeling, etc.

Top Hat Light Gauge Steel Frame Making Machine Whole Process:

1. 2 In 1 Hydraulic Decoiler & Leveling Machine

2. Press To Punching The Hole

3. Main Roll Forming Machine

4. High Speed Cutting Station

5. Automatic Code Spraying

6. Automatic Cutting Off Automatic Production Line.

Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

The machine can be batch/single piece production mode selection, stable operation, efficient automatic production. The whole process only needs baling personnel.

If you are interested in this machine, don‘t hesitate to contact us immediately!

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