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What is Upright in Pallet Racking?

The columns in the shelves refer to the four columns that support the shelves and play a major load-bearing role, the beams are installed on the columns, combined into a shelf, and then put on the laminate, combined into a complete shelf. Column is the main component of all types of shelves, all play a huge role, different types of shelves used in different materials and shapes of columns.

The sheet thickness used for conventional warehouse shelf columns is 2.0mm. The raw material for producing columns is slit strip steel. The entire roll is punched into the required hole shape on an automatic punch machine, and then put it into the shelving upright post forming machine to form. Not only shelf panel and rack upright making machine, KINGREAL also can provide automatic punching machine, a complete production solution help you producing efficiently. 

Warehouse shelving column hole type has diamond-shaped holes, butterfly holes, etc., different hole types to a certain extent will affect the load-bearing capacity of the shelves. General diamond-shaped holes in the column load-bearing capacity is much stronger, light shelves and medium-sized shelves mainly use butterfly holes, heavy-duty shelves mainly use diamond-shaped holes.

Warehouse shelve uprights can be 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters, etc., according to the user‘s own characteristics and needs. KINGREAL can provide whole high quality shelf cold bending roll forming machine according to your need. Send us the parameters or product drawings, we will design the program for you.

The columns, cross braces and diagonal braces of the warehouse shelves are connected with screws to form a whole column piece. Many shelf manufacturers also weld the column pieces, eliminating the need for on-site assembly. A set of shelves requires two column pieces, but two adjacent groups of shelves can share one column piece, which leads to the distinction between main and auxiliary shelves in the industry.

The main shelf has two upright pieces, while the sub-frame has only one column piece, which needs to be attached to the adjacent shelf column. A row of shelves must have one main frame, and the rest of the shelves can be sub-frames. Since the sub-frame lacks one column piece, the price will also be reduced accordingly. When purchasing shelves, the more sub-frames, the lower the purchase cost.

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