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Why C-shape Windproof Aluminum Linear Strip Ceilings Becoming Popular?

With the development of society, people have higher and higher aesthetic requirements for decoration. In order to ensure aesthetics, environmental protection and safety, many people choose to use C-shape windproof aluminum linear strip materials for suspended ceilings. Suitable aluminum linear strip ceilings not only have nice appearance and flexible matching, but also have simple structure and are easy to disassemble and install. They also have the advantages of fire protection and anti-corrosion sound absorption and heat preservation. In order to let everyone get more information about different metal ceilings, so as to choose the right one, today KINGREAL will introduce C-shape windproof aluminum linear ceiling.

Features of C-type windproof aluminum linear strip ceiling:

1.Nice appearance and flexible matching
The C-shape aluminum linear strip ceiling has clear and smooth lines and a fashionable and diverse appearance. Different sizes can be flexibly matched, providing designers with more design ideas and creating different decorative effects.

2.Simple structure, easy to assemble and disassemble
The C-type windproof aluminum linear strip ceiling has a standard keel snap-on structure, with a flat appearance and simple structure. During installation, you only need to hoist the keel horizontally and buckle the plate. Disassembly and maintenance are equally simple. The special keel has fixed-module teeth. The same keel can be flexibly matched with a variety of board sizes, which can provide consumers with more design ideas and decorative effects.

3.Fireproof, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating
Perforating on the back of the C-type windproof aluminum linear strip ceiling tile and sticking non-combustion-supporting sound-absorbing paper or sound-absorbing cotton on the back can achieve better sound-absorbing effects. No matter you want to produce high quality linear strip ceiling panel or stick a acoustic cotton on your ceiling panel, KINGREAL both can solve your problems. We have a complete suspended metal ceiling solution, make your production process efficient and easy. It not only plays a decorative role, but also has the functions of sound absorption, heat preservation, fire prevention, and moisture resistance.

4.Strong practicality and widely used
Combining practicality and beauty is the advantage and charm of C shaped aluminum linear strip ceilings. With the prosperity of the decoration industry, it will inevitably be loved by more people. Suitable for ceiling decoration in public construction projects and outlets and clubs. The C-type windproof aluminum linear strip ceiling is beautiful in style, simple, practical and cost-effective.

Precisely because it is in line with current people‘s aesthetics and has high-quality properties such as windproof, moisture-proof, and temperature resistance, more and more people choose C shaped windproof aluminum linear strip ceilings.

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