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Why Shopping Mall Elevator Commonly Used Aluminum Panel for Decoration?

We will find many escalators in shopping malls use aluminum panel for external decoration. The use of aluminum panel decoration to give people a simple and beautiful sensory enjoyment. So why so many customers love the application of aluminum tile for decoration? Today KINGREAL will give you a detailed introduction, hoprfully can help you to get more information about the application of aluminum panel.

1.Good compressive strength
Aluminum ceiling panel is very light in weight and has good compressive strength, moreover, it has a high safety performance. Since the passenger flow on the elevator is very large, the compression resistance of the material must be considered, which is very critical from a safety perspective.

2.Corrosion and wear resistant
The corrosion and abrasion resistance of aluminum ceiling tile is very strong, which also extends the service life of the product and saves maintenance costs. KINGREAL Aluminum Ceiling Tile Production Line is the best choice for manufacturers to produce good quality aluminum tiles, professional machine can help you to save more production and maintenance costs.

3.Highly decorative
The aluminum tile has a flat surface, clear edges, and is generous, elegant, and has a broad field of vision. Since the elevator is part of the shopping mall facade decoration, the aesthetics of the selected materials is very important.

4.Stain-resistant and dirt-resistant
Since the elevator is installed in a public area, it is very easy to get dirty, so it is very crucial to use a material that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Aluminum ceiling tile is not easy to adhere to air pollutants, and each plate can be individually installed and removed, maintenance is very convenient.

5.Convenient construction
Aluminum clip-in plank ceilings are ultra-thin and lightweight, so they are relatively quick to install and build, and can be used after 24 hours without having to wait for them to dry.

6.Waterproof and fireproof
The main component of aluminum plank ceiling is aluminum alloy, aluminum plank has good fireproof performance, can effectively resist the hazards caused by fire. In addition, aluminum has low corrosiveness to water and air, so it has strong anti-corrosion performance and long service life.

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