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Why The Light Steel Keel Machine Equipping With Protect Shield?

Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine is specially designed to produce different shapes, like U-shape, omega profile and angle profile, which is one of the most commonly used materials in the modern construction industry with increasing market demand. At the same time, the light steel keel making machine is also making innovations, and as one of the manufacturers, KINGREAL has equipped the machine with protect shield to meet the production needs of customers.

Following is some reason about why need to equipped with protect shield:

Improve The Operation Safety

The L-shape wall angle profile making machine will produce high speed rotating cutting blade when working, if there is no some protected, the operator may be injured due to mis-operation or accidental contact. The machine protect shield can effectively prevent the blade from being directly exposed, which reduces the safety risk of the operator.

Reduce The Noise Pollution

In the working process of light steel keel making machine, the process will produce a certain amount of noise, if there is no machine protect shield to isolate, the noise will have a certain impact on the surrounding environment and the health of the operator. Configuration of machine protect shield can effectively isolate the noise, reduce the impact of noise on the environment and human body, to provide a relatively quiet working environment.

Conducive To The Maintenance And Repair Of The Equipment

Omega Channel Roll Forming Machine is a high precision equipment, need regular maintenance, and the configuration of the protect shield can effectively prevent the outside world dust, impurities and so on into the machine, to protect the normal operation of the equipment and extend the service life.

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