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Light Gauge Steel Frame Making Machine

C89 Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine

KINGREAL C89 Light Gauge Steel Framing Making Machine is composed of MAKER LGS production control software, and the molding machine

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    What Is The C89 Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine?

    KINGREAL C89 Light Gauge Steel Framing Making Machine is composed of MAKER LGS production control software, and the molding machine, which comprises three steps of stamping and forming and cutting, the production method of the front punching shear.

    light steel frame machine

    The features of light steel frame roll forming machine is that has
    their own design of production control software, to achieve the best results. With independent intellectual property rights LGS framing machine production control software can insure the system be used in all kinds of working environment with its industrial grade computer.

    Different Type Of Light Gauge Steel Product:

    1. C-Profile

    C75mm、C89mm、C140 (150) mm

    2. Top Hat Profile

    51 mm ,76 mm

    light gauge steel construction

    Components Details Of Light Gauge Steel Frame Making Machine

    Automatic Hydraulic Decoiler And Straightener (1 Unit) :   

    steel stud machine

    1. Auto hydraulic expansion design, the material inner diameter 460-520mm, exterial diameter maximum 1400mm.

    2. Maximum loading weight 2000kgs, automatic decoiler straightener with VFD speed setting.

    3. power is 4KW


    2) Professional Design Software:

    steel stud roll forming machine

    Integrated the CAD/CAM technologies, the drawing will be input after the construction drawing software, it can achieve full automatic production Intelligence.

    The machine will monitor the production process, and display it on the screen. Which can reduce the equipment loss and machine alarm.

    3) High Quality Roll Forming Machine

    light gauge steel machine

    It adopts integrate CAD/CAM technology, and it is programmed by professional forming rollers processing software. Then upload the drawing to the CNC machining center to do the processing. This will ensure the processed forming roller same as the drawing.

    The rollers produced are feature with compact appearance, the rollers are accuracy. All these will ensure the machine quality.

    1. Roller stations: 12

    3. Drive Type : servo motor5.5Kw

    4. Working speed: 100M/Min

    Punching Machine

    KINGREAL light gauge steel framing machine equip with Luxury rotate type 17" industrial computer touch screen. The remote controller is also included to make the machine operation easy and human friendly.

    1. Control voltage: 220V, 50Hz

    2. 12 sets of punching molds


    Working Process Of This C89 LGS Roll Forming Machine:

    Hydraulic Decoiler -- Punching Machine -- Roll Forming Machine -- Shearing -- Output Table

      Application Of Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction

    light gauge steel framing machine


    1. Are you a manufacturer?

    Yes, KINGREAL Machinery is a professional sheet metal processing machines manufacturer, we are an OEM.

    We have been focusing on the field of machine manufacturing for more than 20 years.

    2.What‘s your Warranty ?

    12 months except human error, during which all parts damaged because of quality problem will be changed for free.

    Parts that are out of warranty will be provided in factory price.

    3. What‘s your Install and Training ?

    If buyers come to our factory to inspect, the training to install and operate is provided face to face.

    If not, Manual book and video is provided to show how to install and operate.

    4. Can you ensure the safety of the machine during transportation?

    Yes we can, we use iron wire for fixing machines in container, also small wood pads to hold machines tight and don‘t move around during shipment.

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