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Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

Steel Frame CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

KINGREAL can provide the steel frame CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine to product both C and Z shape purlin in one machine, which can be customized according to customers‘ needs. As a professional supplier of molding machines in China, KINGREAL has more than 20 years of production experience.

  • Decsription Of CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine
    CZ purlin roll forming machine is a set of rollers can produce various specifications of CZ type purlin finished products of single coil molding unit. The CZ steel purlin finished product has a good stretch bending pressure performance straightness is good, completely automatic fixed-length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, convenient installation. 

    cz purlin roll forming machine

    CZ steel equipment products can be used as the main body of large and medium-sized industrial and civil construction stress structure, such as factory warehouse sports venues Mart, mounted flat roofing load-bearing load and wall support.

    Main Component Of CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

    purlin machine

    - Hydraulic Decoiler

    - Purlin Making Machine ( Roll Forming Machine, CZ Interchange, Main Motor)
    - Hydraulic Punching Station

    - Cutting System

    KINGREALCZ Purlin Machine Features:

    purlin roll forming machine

    1. KINGREAL can produce high quality purlin products of >120mm size. By the precise design of the roller, it can ensure the quality of different size purlins in the production process, ensuring the products are straight and not twisted.

    2. KINGREALCZ purlin forming machine frame adopts H-beam as the base and 75mm solid circumference to ensure the quality of the whole machine and to extend the life of the machine.

    3. The main forming machine rollers are made of GCR15 and processed by CNC speed control machine, which can ensure the accuracy of CZ purlin forming machine in the process of steel forming and produce high quality products.

    5. KINGREAL adopts Mitsubishi or Siemens operating system, with stable performance and easy operation.

    6. Forming speed can reach 10-15 meters per minute

    Technical Parameters :

    Raw Material:

    Galvanized sheet, mild steel, etc

    Roll Material:

    High grade 45# steel

    Price sizes:

    According Customers‘ Drawing


    Manual Operation/Full-Automatic Production with PLC


    CE certificate, ISO 9001 certificate

    Machine Power:

    380V 50HZ or according with customers‘ request




    the support structure of the wall and roof of the building such as workshop 

    and warehouse

    Final Product
    c purlin machine z purlin roll forming machine
    C Purlin Z Purlin
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    c&z purlin forming machine
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    Installation Service
    In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services.

    1. Online installation guide
    -  Photos and videos of machine will be sent
    - Online group will be initiated to discuss together
    - Regular video conference be held to keep communication and contacting

    2.  Local installation
    KINGREAL will arrange engineers to go abroad to install the machine at the customer‘s place to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and will provide all technical guidance. Exact costs to be negotiated.

    cz purlin roll forming machine
    KINGREAL Technical Team
    KINGREAL is not only  integrating R&D, have our own technical team and factory, but also have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine. We have successfully customized Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machines to meet the needs of customers in many countries. 

    We has established the localized technical support team in Qatar, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and etc.. Localized service points in other countries are also in progress.

    purlin roll forming machine
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