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Metal Perforation Line

Metal Perforation Machine for Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Production

KINGREAL Full Automatic Metal perforation Machine is designed for the punching of coils or panels. It is compatible with pre-painted and pre-perforated raw material coils. 

The Perforation Line also can match the Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine to produce acoustic baffle ceiling.

      DESCRIPTION OF Full Automatic Metal perforation Machine   

    KINGREAL Full Automatic Metal perforation Line is used for producing different kinds of perforation coil or panel, raw material can be stainless steel, alloy aluminum and galvanize steel etc. perforated metal machine
    perforated metal sheet forming machine The punched coils can be wound up and used as punched raw material for the next process. As a professional metal ceiling equipment manufacturer, KINGREAL also can provide complete ceiling production solution.

      THE ADVANTAGES OF Perforated Acoustic Baffle   

    Good Decorative Effect

    The surface of perforated baffle ceiling is specially treated to present a variety of different patterns and textures, making it play a role in beautifying the space in architectural decoration. The diameters of hole and hole shapes can be customized according to customers‘ needs to meet different decorative effects. 
    KINGREAL offers total solutions for Metal Coil Perforation Line, which range of material types and perforation patterns can be handled by these coil perforation lines.

    perforated metal machine

    Good Ventilation Performance 

    The holes of perforated acoustic baffle can effectively increase air circulation, improve indoor air quality, and reduce moisture and odor.

    perforated metal making machine

    Good Soundproofing Properties

    The holes of perforated acoustic ceiling baffle can effectively absorb sound and reduce the spread of noise, providing a quiet environment. If you have a higher requirement for soundproofing of your baffle ceiling, you can also apply sound-absorbing fabric on the back of the perforated coil. KINGREAL Acoustic Fleece Gluing Machine can help you to accomplish this process easily.

    sheet metal perforating machine

      Full Automatic Metal perforation Line MATCHING Baffle Production   

    As a professional metal ceiling equipment manufacturer, KINGREAL also can provide complete acoustic perforated baffle ceiling production solution.

    -- What is it? --
    KINGREAL Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Making Machine can produce metal baffle ceilings with perforation, to which allows baffle ceiling more beautiful and perform better in soundproofing. This production line is compatible with pre-perforated raw material coils.

    baffle ceiling making machine

    -- How to do it? --
    Stept 1:
    Feed the coil into KINGREAL Full Automatic Metal perforation Machine for punching, and the punched coil is wound up by the rewinding machine.

    Stept 2:
    Send the perforated coil by the feeding trolley to the Baffle Ceiling Making Machine for uncoiling, forming, cutting. It is easy and quick to produce acousctic baffle ceiling bombined to use our Performation Line and Baffle Ceiling Making Machine.

    Acoustic baffle ceilings are avialiable from smallest sizes (30-150mm)  to maximum 300mm height. Clients can flexibly choose their product sizes.

    perforated metal panels forming machine metal perforating machine
    Perforation Line Working Processes Acoustic Baffle Ceiling  Working Processes

      Different Metal perforation Line   

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