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Shelving System

Shelving Rack Post Making Machine

KINGREAL can provide whole high quality shelf cold bending roll forming machine according to your need. Send us the parameters or product drawings, we will design the program for you and send the latest offer.

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     Machine Description:

    KINGREAL Shelf Post Forming Machine is used to manufacture metal posts. It usually consists of frame, feeding system, forming system, punching machine and other equipment.

    Shelving Rack Post Making Machine can feed the metal sheet into the forming system through the feeding system, and then get the finished products of shelf column after processing and forming.

    Shelving & Racking Upright Roll Forming Machine

    The shelf column forming machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and stability, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of shelf column.

     Production Process:

     working process
    The shelf post forming equipment is controlled by PLC.

    Molding Process Automatic Discharge - Guide - Leveling, Feeding - Continuous Bottom Hole - Forming - Fixed, Cut - Receiver

     Equipment Performance:

    1. Unit rolling capacity: width ≤ 400mm, sheet thickness 1-2.5mm

    2, production speed: 0-15 m / min

    3, molding host: a model: GY160 b frame structure: cast iron arch (material HT200 type) gantry c drive mode: each pass independent gear distribution box drive d roll material: GCr15, quenching treatment, hardness HRC58-62o

     Machine Features:

    Storage Upright Racks Roll Forming Machine

    The cold-bending forming equipment produced by our company has the following advantages:

    1. The equipment control is PLC control, and multiple safety protection is set during normal production.

    2. The bed is welded with steel plates. It is also tempered to eliminate internal stress and avoid deformation of the fuselage.

    3. The forming frame is cast iron structure and tempered. High strength and long service life.

    4. The material of the roll shaft is 40Cr, and the hardness is HB280 after quenching and tempering treatment.

    5. The material of the forming mold is GCr15, quenching treatment, hardness: HRC 56-62 °C.

    6. The transmission structure is gearbox transmission. Each molding frame has a gearbox that guarantees time-out, high-intensity operation and long service life.

     What we‘re trying to do:

    We look forward to working with you, welcome to call and visit the factory. At present, our company has successfully manufactured the following cold bending equipment:

    1. Elevator profile production line.

    2. Fire damper frame production line.

    3. Automotive profile production line.

    4. Electrical cabinet profile production equipment.

    5. CZU series cold-formed steel unit.

    6. Cable tray cold-formed steel unit.

    7. Solar photovoltaic bracket production line.

    8. Shelf granules / beams / laminate equipment.

    9. Floor board series molding machine production line.

    10. Pedal series cold-formed steel unit.

    11. Three-dimensional garage side beam / wave board production line.

    12. Color steel tile glazed tile molding production line equipment.

    13. Welding H-beam corrugated web production line equipment.

    14. Light steel keel series profile cold forming unit.

    15. A full set of production lines for highway guardrails

    16. Steel silo production line road culvert corrugated board equipment.

     What Our Machine Can Do?

    Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine

    Shelf Cold Bending Roll Forming Equipment Products include: shelf column equipment, shelving post roll forming machine, shelf beam equipment, shelf struts forming machine equipment, shelves rack panel production line equipment and other products.

     What Can We Supply For You:

    Provide Installation Services

    Pallet Rack Uprights/Upright Rack Roll Forming

    In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services.

    Local After-Sale


    In order to be able to effectively solve customer needs in the first time, KINGREAL has set up localized service points in many countries and regions, such as India, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

    Localized service points in other countries and regions are also in progress

    3. Inspection in factory

    Fully Automatic Mild Steel Slotted Angle

    KINGREAL warmly welcomes customers from all over the world to visit our factory in China. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you need any assistance.

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