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Shelving System

Shelving Upright Post Forming Machine

Whole solution of shelving system equipment can supplied by KINGREAL, which is a professional roll forming machine manufacturer in China, with over twenty years of experience in manufacturing and sales. Send us your request, we will immediately design a plan and send you an updated quote.

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     Brief introduction of Shelf System Making Machine

    Shelf equipment, shelf roll forming machine is widely used for cold roll forming of storage shelves, supermarket shelves, heavy-duty shelves and other profiles. 

    Storage Upright Racks Roll Forming Machine

     KINGREAL Shelving Forming Machine Series Mainly include

    - shelf column forming equipment, 
    - shelf laminate forming machine, 
    - shelf beam (replacement beam) cold bending machine, 
    - shelf step beam (P beam) automatic production line, 
    - shelf reinforcement equipment, 
    - shelf label slot production equipment, 
    - shelf universal Angle steel production equipment, 
    - shelf bullet beam cold bending forming machine. 

    Introduction of fully automatic production line of column forming machine
    Steel Post forming machine production line scheme 

    shelf post roll forming machine

     The process flow of the production line: 

    Uncoiling → Leveling → Sensor → Pre-punching (two sets of 15 tons and 25 tons) → Servo feeding → Senor → Feeding guide → Shelf Post Roll forming Machine→ Products straightening → Hydraulic cutting → unloading. The whole process is completed automatically.
     shelf upright post roll forming machine

    1. Parameters of forming machine:

        - Forming material Material ordinary steel plate
        - Material thickness 1.1-1.4mm
        - Inner diameter of coil, if special, size is required
        - Machine specifications Forming line speed 6-8m/min
        - Processing length as required
        - Length accuracy L<1000mm: 0~-0.5mm;
        - Forming section according to drawings
        - Power supply total power about 25kw

    2. Configuration instructions:

    1. Unwinding rack (original): load-bearing 2 tons, coil inner diameter φ450~550mm, coil outer diameter maximum φ1500mm, passive unwinding, the rack is equipped with a cylinder compression device. The material rack is equipped with a material shortage shutdown induction device, and the whole line can automatically stop when the coil is used up.

     shelf post roll forming machine

    2. Leveling machine (original): 7 rollers are used for leveling (3 upper rollers, 4 lower rollers), 2 sets of pinch rollers. The diameter of the leveling roller is φ75, the diameter of the pinch roller is φ80, the thickness of the leveling side plate is 50mm, the reducer adopts a two-stage cycloid reducer, and the motor power is 2.2kw

    shelf post roll forming machine leveler

    3. Pre punching die set:
    15T hydraulic mold base, cylinder bore φ100, 25T hydraulic mold base, cylinder bore φ125, cylinder stroke 100mm, mold base guide rod φ35, mold base plate thickness 45mm.
    4. Servo feeder:
    servo motor 800 w, feeding speed 15mm/min, pinch roller high frequency processing hard chrome plating.
    5. Feeding guide mechanism: to ensure that the material will not deviate when it enters the rollers.

    6. Main Roll forming machine part

         6-1. 16 sets of rollers are used for forming, the roller material is Cr12MoV, vacuum heat treatment, two tempering, hardness HRC55-58, 16 sets of rollers are used for forming, the reference diameter of the rollers is φ110.
         6-2. The main shaft is φ50, the material is 45# steel, which is quenched and tempered after rough machining, then fine turning, and finally fine grinding. (Adjust the radial runout of the spindle within 0.04MM)
         6-3. Two sets of 30208 tapered roller bearings are equipped on the driving side and one set of cylindrical roller shaft NJ208 on the operating side.

    Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine

    7. Transmission mechanism
        7.1, the main motor 11KW (Jiangmen Jiangsheng Motor) frequency conversion speed control.
        7.2. The driving wheel is driven by a triangular belt, and the rollers are driven by gears, with a center distance a=90, a reduction ratio i=30 worm gear box (to ensure transmission synchronization), and the gear module m=5. The main side plate thickness is 53mm, and the secondary side plate thickness is 33mm. It is made by grinding six sides and boring.

      shelving post roll forming line
    8. Straightening: 5 straightening wheels are used for straightening (2 on the upper wheel and 3 on the lower wheel).
    9. Hydraulic cut-off system:
        9-1. Hydraulic system: The system has an unloading protection function, the hydraulic mold base is 5T, and the hydraulic valve adopts the Taiwan Taizheng brand.
        9-2. Mould base: The closed height of the template is 300mm, and the maximum stroke of the cylinder is 100mm.
        9-3. There are 2 linear guide rails at the bottom of the mold base, each slide rail adopts 2 sliding blocks, and the return of the mold base is driven by an air cylinder.
        9-4. The fixed length is positioned by the bolt, which is driven by the cylinder.
        9-5. Use scrap cut for cutting, Cr12MoV for mold material, heat treatment to HRC58-62

    10. Unloading: 6m pallet rack

    11. Cooling circulation system: The rollers are equipped with cooling pipes and are cooled by an electric water pump. The cooling medium is emulsified oil.

    12. Electric control system:
          12-1. Use programmable PLC; use frequency converter to adjust speed and centralized automatic control; use fixed-length ruler to adjust the length and automatically cut off, and use Japanese Izumi as relay.
          12-2. The whole production line adopts centralized automatic control. The forming machine and the hydraulic press are linked. When the die is cut off, the forming speed will automatically run at a slow speed, and when the cut is completed, it will run at a high speed, and all actions of the hydraulic press are automatically completed.
          12-3. Alarm function: There are alarm functions such as material shortage shutdown, counting, output reaching shutdown, emergency stop, jamming, and limit.

    13. Pneumatic components: the main pneumatic components adopt Taiwan‘s famous brand AIRTAC
    The use of shelf equipment to produce shelf profiles, low production cost, high efficiency, environmentally friendly materials, can be combined with production needs to manufacture automated production equipment, saving labor, making enterprises more competitive in the fierce market competition.
    KINGREAL shelf equipment consists of: discharging, leveling, feeder, punching, forming machine, fixed length cutting, receiving platform, electric control box (PLC control), etc.

     KINGREAL Shelving  Equipment Features:

    Slotted Angle Rack Roll Forming Machine

    1. The machine adopts PLC full-range intelligent control, and the automation program is high, safe and efficient.
    2. The forming frame is welded using high strength channel steel. High strength and long service life.
    3. The material of the roll shaft is 40Cr, and the hardness is HB280 after quenching and tempering treatment.
    4. The material of the molding die is GCr15, quenching treatment, hardness: HRC 56-62 °C.
    5. The transmission structure is gearbox transmission or chain transmission.

     Our Factory

    Slotted Angle Bending Machine

    KINGREAL has its own production plant, which includes a frame casting shop, a CNC control shop, a parts machining shop and an assembly shop. In order to ensure the production quality of the machines, the whole line will be tested and adjusted in the factory. KINGREAL welcomes all customers to visit our factory.
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