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Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine

Slotted C Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine

KINGREAL is a professional Slotted C Struct Channel Roll Forming Machine manufacturer in China. With many years of production experience and technical experience, it can provide various specifications of high quality photovoltaic support forming machine products with stable performance and reliable precision.

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    What is a photovoltaic support?

    Photovoltaic bracket or Sloar Post refers to the support frame used to install solar photovoltaic system. Photovoltaic brackets are usually made of steel or aluminum alloy, which can be produced by bracket forming machines, and adopt different structures, which can be applied to different installation environments.

    solar post channel

    Slotted C Unistrut Channel Forming Machine Description?

    The photovoltaic support is mainly manufactured by a special Slotted C Unistrut Channel Roll Forming Machine, which is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used to make solar photovoltaic supports.

    It is mainly used to make photovoltaic brackets such as angle steel brackets and pipe brackets. It can shape steel plates with a thickness of 1.5mm-3.0mm through stamping, bending, cutting and other processes, making it a solar photovoltaic support that meets the installation requirements.

    c channel slotted forming machine

    KINGREAL slotted c channel roll forming machine can produce different post, including 41×21, 41×41, 41×62, 41×82 and other specifications. 

    Working process of Slotted C Channel Roll Forming Machine

    Decoiler -- Straightener Machine -- Feeder Roll -- Punch Machine -- Roll Forming Machine -- Cutting Machine

    (The above production process is for reference only, the actual machine needs to be designed according to the needs of customers)

    Specification Of Metal Slotted C Channel Machine

    Material Galvanized Steel
    Thickness 1.5mm
    Cutting Material

    CR12 Mould Steel

    Working Speed 10-15M/Min
    Hydraulic Station Motor 15.5KW


    solar post

    Different Types of Struct Channel Producted in One Machine

    For more than 20 years of accumulation, KINGREAL has been focusing on design - production - installation - after-sales. KINGREAL is able to customize production solutions according to customer‘s drawings and specific parameter requirements and stocked many successful customized roll forming machine cases.

    KINGREAL Technical Team

    KINGREAL has a professional technical team with more than 25 years of relevant experience from the drawing design to the manufacturing of Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine, from design - production - installation - after-sales, our team has an excellent standard. 

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