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U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine

U-shape acoustic baffle ceiling production line

Machine Name: Full-Automatic U-Baffle Ceiling Production Line
Products Name: U-Shape Metal Baffles With Different Sizes
Products sizes: Width from 20 to 200mm, Height from 25 to 300mm
Automation: Manual Operation/Full-Automatic Production with PLC
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO 9001 certificate
Machine Power: 380V 50HZ or according with customers‘ request
Speed: 0~35m/min, Hydraulic Follow Shearing System
Main Features: Equipped with air cooling system, Famous brand hydraulic system, light curtain safety protection

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    Description Of This Machine:

    KINGREAL Baffle Metal Ceiling Roll Forming Machine is use aluminum strip as raw materials. The basic production process of the baffle ceiling making machine is decoiler, continuously cold roll forming, cut to length, etc. The baffle ceiling height and width can be adjusted stepless. And it can produce any size baffle ceiling in the design scope. 

    Main Component Detail:

    Technical Specification of U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine:

    Materias primas

    Aluminio prepintado o acero galvanizado prepintado

    Tamaños de techo deflector U

    Altura máxima: 300 mm, ancho máximo: 200 mm

    Anchura y altura ajustables

    Servocontrol automático

    Velocidad máxima de formación

    35 m / min

    Soportes de perfilado


    Potencia de la máquina

    ~ 30KW

     How To Control The Quality Of Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine?

    When machine production is completed, we will conduct large-scale trial production in factory to ensure quality and working conditions of the machine. Customers can send their engineers to inspect the machine and be familiar with basic operation and maintenance.

    Our company has a strict quality control system for finished products. We will strictly inspect products according to the product drawings. These inspections include but are not limited to product size, shear length accuracy, surface smoothness and distortion. In addition, for some products that are allowed by conditions, we will check the performance of products through installation.

     What Our Machine Can Produce?

     KINGREAL Professional Team

    Technical Team

    KINGREAL has its own professional technical team.

    With strong professional ability and rich design experience, KINGREAL engineers can design machines according to the drawings provided by customers and the corresponding production needs.

    Solve all technical problems during the production, installation and use of the machine.

     Our Customer

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