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Ventilation System Machine

Volume Control Damper VCD roll forming equipment

As one of the professional manufacturers of roll forming machines in China, KINGREAL can customize and design different Volume Control Damper Frame Roll Forming Machine according to different production needs of customers. Welcome to contact us.

  •  Working Process Of Volume Control Damper Frame Making Machine

    Description Of Volume Control Damper Frame Making Machine
    KINGREAL VCD Frame Making Machine is design to produce different types VCD Frame, such as VCD with flange and without flange. And Fire Control Damper Frame Roll Forming Machine is our self-developed full-automatic production line with high efficiency.

    This production line adopts new riveting technology to solve problems due to welding technology. The whole line is standard type, high-efficient and smart, which make it the first choice for producing fire control dampers.


    KINGREAL VCD Frame Roll Forming Machine can bend, fold and weld metal sheets according to specific shapes and sizes, and finally form the structure of dampers frame. This kind of machine and equipment usually consists of automatic control system, processing tools, transmission devices, etc., which can achieve efficient and accurate production of metal dampers outer frame.

    Technical Specification Of VCD Frame Machine

    Machine Name VCD Frame Making Equipment
    Products Name

    Volume Control Damper

    Brand KINGREAL
    Automation Manual Operation/Full-Automatic Production with PLC
    Certificate CE certificate, ISO 9001 certificate
    Machine Power 380V 50HZ or according with customers‘ request
    Speed 0-15m/min, Hydraulic Follow Shearing System
    Min Frame Sizes 120*120mm
    Coil Weight 3000kg
    Length Tolerance ±0.3mm/1000mm

    Working Process Of VCD Frame Roll Forming Machine

    Hydraulic Decoiler -- Precision Straightener -- Hole Punching System -- Main Roll Forming Machine -- Hydraulic Bending Cutting Station -- Output Table

    Advantage Of This VCD Frame Machine

    Multi stations hydraulic punch system

    Our multi-station hydraulic punch system can be designed to fit hole positions of different profiles for performing punching operations such as multi-station punching and corner cutting. The system is fully automatic and easy to use. It is suitable for production of shelf columns and furniture profiles.

    bending forming

    Overall solution including punching, bending, forming, welding, etc.

    Our company can provide a overall solution according to customer needs, including product punching, automatic forming, bending, welding, etc.This solution is widely used in full automatic production of various complex profiles, such as closed complex profiles, shelf columns, etc.

    What Is Volume Control Damper Frame?
    VCD Frame

    The VCD frame is the external frame structure of the dampers made of metal. It is usually made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel or steel with high strength and corrosion resistance. The main function of the metal VCD frame is to support and fix the internal components of the dampers to ensure the normal operation of the dampers.

     What Our Machine Can Do?

    - VDC Frame Without Flange

    - VCD Frame Flange Inside

    - VCD Frame Flange Outside

    Application Of VCD Frame

    Metal air damper outer frame is commonly used in the ventilation system of buildings. It is mainly used to control and regulate air flow to maintain indoor air quality and temperature. It is usually installed at the inlet or outlet of ventilation ducts to control the flow of air by adjusting the degree of opening of the valve.

    Metal damper frames can also be used in conjunction with other ventilation equipment such as fans and air conditioning systems for more precise air conditioning.

    How To Install The Machine?
    In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services FOR FREE.

    1. Online installation guide

    -  Photos and videos of machine will be sent

    - Online group will be initiated to discuss together

    - Regular video conference be held to keep communication and contacting

    2.  Local installation

    KINGREAL will arrange engineers to go abroad to install the machine at the customer‘s place to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and will provide all technical guidance. Exact costs to be negotiated.

     Our Certification

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